I received a Sony Touch Edition E Reader for Christmas from my husband. I weighted all the options of the E Readers on the market including the Amazon Kindle, Barnes Noble Nook and Sony E reader. I am very glad I researched the available e Readers before I told my husband what I wanted because if I had not, I would have probably gotten a kindle and I am glad that I did not.

I choose the Sony Ereaderfor several reasons. One being the library systems now have ebooks that you can check out just like regular books.All you need is a library card, computer and SonyeReader. They are compatible with the Sony Ereader but not the Kindle. You can download them from the library straight from your computer any time of day or night. They have some wonderful books to choose from. Click here to find a library in balenciaga city bag sale your state that has downloadable ebooks for your Sony eReader.

Sony has three different models to choose from. I opted for the touch edition because it felt more comfortable in my hand and had options the others did not have. The touch edition is great. You can touch the screen to turn the page balenciaga part time handbag or you can use the buttons at the bottom. You can make the print larger or smaller.

The Sony Touch Edition Ereader is rated number 1 by PC World. The Sony is cheaper than the balenciaga pompon bag Kindle.

Like I mentioned above I love the ability to download books Balenciaga from the library 24 hours a day 7 days a week.Sony has a partnership with OverDrive an ebook provider that works with a network of public libraries.

Sony touch edition has the ability to highlight passages, add notes, bookmark and so much more that I am still learning.The intuitive 6 touchscreen display makes navigation so quick and easy. It lets you turn pages with the swipe of a finger. An included balenciaga town stylus offers freehand highlighting and annotation. In addition to being PC and Mac compatible, you can even play back unsecured MP3 and AAC audio files.

Ideal for the constant traveler, daily commuter us folks who are on bedrest or leisurely reader, the Reader Touch Edition lets you carry up to 350 of your favorite books at a time. You can even expand the capacity with balenciaga purses outlet optional Memory Stick PRO Duo or SD media.

I have found many free books for my Sony eReader from publishers such as Deseret Book. I still have a lot to learn and am finding new places to get free downloads each day but I am loving this Ereader. It is so easy to carry in my purse to take to Dr visits. It is not as bulky as a book and I can download my church magazines for free onto it as well. I no longer even carry a subscription to my church magazine because it is free to download to my eReader. I love it!

The one thing I do not like about modern tech products is that they do not come with a written manual. Everything is in the product itself. I still like to have a written manual I can look things up on. Thank goodness for the internet search engines.

I wish the E Readers would come with a solar panel so they would be more economical friendly.

The company says the battery will last for 2 weeks without charging but I am only getting about balenciaga classic first tote bag a week and a half use before recharging.

You balenciaga papier mini have to recharge the battery by connecting it to a computer. I wish it could just be done by plugging into the power.


I rate the Sony Touch Edition eReader a 4 1/2 star. I would rate it a 5 except for the Cons I listed above. I would and have recommended it to family and friends. I purchased mine from Staples and went through Ebates to get money back from them. It is on sale this week for $249. with free delivery if you are a rewards member. It is free to be a rewards member. Ebates is also free to join. They are currently giving 2% of your purchase price with purchaces made by clicking through them to Staples.